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My name is Alonzo Echavarria-Garza, and my mission is to inspire and motivate people to achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives. I believe that everyone has the potential to accomplish amazing things, and my goal is to help them harness that potential and achieve their goals. With my experience and expertise in personal development, I am here to help you set ambitious goals and develop the mindset and skills to achieve them.



Alonzo Echavarria-Garza Show


…and raised on the other side of the border.



Yes, born in the USA and, raised in Mexico and moved back to my birth place. My sibling did well picking up the language, as they are younger. I was ahead of them on my way to college, so the pressure was constant – haha, well, in retrospect. During your teen years, you may not evaluate the dire quality of your current, misguided path.

…but I made it. Well, if you can call it making it. We all make it in a variety of ways. After all, aren’t we all enjoying sunshine, today.

Graduated with a management degree, and later completed all my accounting coursers for a second degree. However, some technicality disqualify my application to receive the second recognition. it’s all good. Ironically, it is the degree for which I didn’t get a piece of paper that yields the highest returns in my professional career – accounting.

My free time is for the absorption of life, as is, as my being allows it.

I can go over the trials of life, but I’ve chosen to share more the brighter side of things. This pivotal learning has been brewing from ancient times. This life, as we know it, afforded a moment in time-space about 15 years ago, when-where a significant transformation occurred.

I’ve always been absorbed in the afterthoughts of conversations, from the trivial to the the ones dealing with complexities. This led me to ask the questions that have granted a degree of awakening never experienced before in my life.

Instead of going over my ideas life and such, I’d rather give you a list of what topics cross my mind. This is not an all inclusive list. It will grow and shrink. These topics are not my point of view, either. They are my focus at any point in time.

Lately, I’ve been watching debates on religion, philosophy, free will, consciousness, quantum mechanics, music theory, learning a little more piano, coming up with my own method of guitar chord melody. About a year ago, I started learning a little more about orchestration. Currently, I am testing my skills in music composition. I am very excited about this. I am also a fan of films. I enjoy learning about lighting and cinematography. I enjoy photography. I have over 2000 pictures on google and they have collected over 17 millions views!! I do a podcast with a group great friends once a week.

The daily regimen includes listening to memorable phrases from the best; people who have made positive impact on society, a little meditation, a little bit of wishing well to a bunch of people, and review my most important lessons. This happens as early as possible.

I host a radio show called Underscore In Motion. The show is about music of TV, film, Broadway, theater, and opera. it airs on Wednesdays on KEOS.ORG 89.1 FM in College Station/Bryan TX. You may listen live on KEOS.ORG, or look up the station on TuneIn. Visit the show website at Underscoreinmotion.

There is more. This is a good start, though.

I would add a bunch of links to this section, but I am easily found on search engines. Type my entire name as follows: alonzo echavarria-garza.

I’ve been watching stuff like this for days!

"I know the connection is precious". I just know it means a lot. It's always truly meant something"


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