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We make music, tons of it. I’ve spent most of my life performing and learning on my own. It’s been a good gig. I’ve had a non-musical job all my life. Music is a passion for me, so every moment counts. During the day I do my regular job. In the evening this passion is unleashed.

The last 5 years, however, I’ve become interested in orchestration and film music. The theory was the easy part for me to learn. The production of this music proved challenging. There is just so much to learn before you can export a decent mp3 file. And if it for commercial release, you better make sure you learn this trade well.

So, I went from learning music theory to mixing and mastering. I am still learning this last part, so don’t test me on it. There is so much we have to learn. For this reason, and for the sake of allowing the world to enjoy all the beautiful masterpieces all of you will create, I’ve decided to compile all the things the helped me through this process.

As of today, the site is being built. It is only a few days old. Eventually, we will add all these tools. You will return because we are committed to offer value to you. we are committed to listen and give you exactly what you need.

Follow our social media pages. We will be keeping everyone up to date on what’s coming. We are performers, producers just like you. We are committed to create a new community for music producers, performers, engineering so on.

Thank you for your visit.

The UnderScore Guys

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