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Be Fearless

When people make decisions, a 2-step process is involved; A portion of your mind brings ideas for your evaluation. Based on these ideas and your judgement, your mind then decides on a course of action. That is, every choice is a bundle of previously selected paths. Every decision is based on previous choices. And every step is affected by present and past variables.

The mind has a sense of self because we evaluate things, because we judge others, ourselves and every option available to our minds. In its self gratification, the mind evaluates and selects among various outcomes, based on beliefs, knowledge and experiences. You select what the mind finds the best of all outcomes.

If you have a good sense of self, or worth, your decisions reflect this feeling. When someone speaks wrongly of another, it is for the self gratification that cannot be satisfied. Because self-worth is found in the things one accomplishes, the mind never attains a sense of highest esteem. This can only happen when the mind finds peace in the idea of self acceptance and acceptance of The Wholeness; acceptance that our role in life is to follow the instructions of absolute compassion.

Once the self accepts the reality of invaluable worth, nothing is impossible; barriers fall apart, beliefs won’t hold you back, you become fearless – knowing that everything you do, you do mindful and in a higher state of alertness.

Nothing is personal, but the essence of the heart. And the heart speaks no evil of anyone, not even of yourself.. Nothing is personal when they don’t listen to the heart, it is the absence of awareness that speaks. Criticism of others and the self stem out of ignorance and disconnect. They really don’t know what they are thinking and doing – for it is in the heart that the mind finds the messages of the wholeness, and absolute compassion.

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