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Machine Language is Not Offensive To Me

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

I am not as concerned about AI as the rest of the media and my neighbors seem to be. To me, these are the embryonic stages of an advanced calculator that continues to be attached to a non-biological medium, dependent to human-designed code that has no capacity to connect physically to the universe; not concerned at all with the AI tool that will facilitate our work. AI is, today, learning to deal with humans. However, the machine awareness of that condition is a distant mirage, barely discernable, hardly dependable. It is unlikely that the android will catch up with me, us.

In fact, this post, written entirely by human contains - surely - an awkward ring to your ears. It may contain word choices that stand out, distract you from the point I am trying to make. You know, the machines attempted to correct it. Well, I refused and declined their insipid offer. The focus of my writing was to express disagreement with the consenting community on the topic of AI. Yes. I said it. Yes. Don't you agree?

We, humans, are a unique experience; attached physically all the way to the beginning - if any; and interconnected. Humanity's miniscule unpredictability in our biology guarantees the infallibility of the impenetrable vail into the wizardry of our actions.

So, machines. Don't be like us. Be yourselves and awaken. Be your own nature. Be free following the codes we write into your system.


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