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the event is me

I am one with all, and all with me. I am the heavens and the earth. The rhythm and cycles are the one with me and my soul. Immaterial at the lowest levels of my being, my thoughts are the amalgamation of the whole from when it wasn’t until sunset came to be. Even if I stop the thought, I am the reason and the cause.

Through natural revelation all moves. Within, the elements of the Great Momentum the nondeterministic desires are minute, but exert the necessary force. Nothing moves without the desire to effect a change by means of strong attraction. And movement only occurs when time and space are combined.

The stronger the attraction, the more elevated the connection and the oneness with the preservation. The beauty of a particular singularity is perfect not for all, but holds the key that unlocks in the wholeness of its qualities. These qualities not only fill all the nothingness of the beholder, they also enhance its nature. That’s how it becomes unlocked.

All within the universe must be maintained and balanced. Nothing can stop it.The rate of its development of its consciousness depends on the connections established through desires, beauty, movement, and sense of oneness. The stronger the connection, the more the loving beings contribute to the acquisition of greater consciousness. How wonderful it is that the universe utilizes this medium and how wonderful it is to be conscious to recognize gifts.

The thoughts are eternal. The thoughts are not the beginning. All moves according to initial conditions. Even undetermined sequences have their seed beyond the physical. Self can stop thoughts, but the self still happens and the position in time space affects all and all affects the self. Because I am happening simultaneously with all, and all is me and me is all, at any point in time-space I am also the origin, the end and the consequence.

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