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The fabric of balance

Like the headstand that must be carried through in a way that facilitates the inverted position, so is the initial condition of all there is in life. Alleviating and developing upper strength are but one of many goals of this inverted stand. The ultimate infinite results for us humans is unlikely to be known. Nonetheless, the benefits are favorable for the mind and soul. The big Momentum in which we find ourselves aligns as one with us, as we become healthier doing so.

These initial conditions are always different. There is always a variation in the execution of all natural events. As much as we wish to see them as the same, the first step is always new. As much as I can play a note, the sound and feel will always be a new horizon.

For all that happens in the fabric of time space, the initial conditions affect tremendously the form, shape and speed of the ripples. These waves, though seen and understood from our perspective of the present, could never be replicated even if we knew all there is about today. Humans are capable of understanding this if they inspect thoroughly; go around, look behind, see the minute details of life - be absolutely absorbed in the object we want to understand.

How fortunate we are to have this opportunity to experience life, knowing that in this fabric of depth and change the initial conditions include also our thoughts of yesterday, and that these thoughts affect eternal ripples, as well. How fortunate to feel one with all, co-authors with the vast universe, makers side by side with all the initial conditions of life as we know it.

When we feel the ultimate goal of our dreams and thoughts, when we can feel in our hearts the end results, the vision and passion of our works; a little extra push is actually an effortless offering of love for our own nature.

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