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thoughtful self

An action is followed by a myriad of events that go back to an undefined character of the Wholeness. Inaction is an invalid concept within the mind, not recognized by the highest authority of this Wholeness. However, action and inaction shape the form, and add substance to who we are.

Both pathways imprint over the surface of the self, contributing to the layers of who we are at any point in time-space. This condition is breathing in, breathing out, closing eyes, opening eyes, standing still and moving. Both pathways are events that play a role in The Great Momentum of existence.

These impressions of events cannot be stopped. These creations go on forever because they are not affected by the apparent movements of the agent who experiences them. The physical manifestation is only what other limited beings perceive as happening. The internal, invisible imprint , however, has already created an unstoppable, indelible brush-stroke within our minds.

The paint is permanent whether the self moves or not. We are a slightly different person at every moment in time-space. We are forever changed slightly or significantly depending on the myriad of events. Our stance is reinforced or challenged and adjusted every moment of the day. Our minds are left or right with every season of the year; but never the same.

So, think of these events and listen to yourself closely, dedicated to your own events within the mind. Speak and listen to the self. A thought is eternal.

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