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we still have work to do about world poverty

I stumbled upon a World Bank report from March 2023, and it sheds some light on the global poverty situation. According to this report, the global poverty headcount ratio at $2.15 has inched up by 0.1 percentage points to reach 8.5 percent. This small change has had a big impact, pushing the number of people living in poverty from 648 million to a staggering 659 million. That's an additional 11 million souls grappling with extreme poverty, mainly in South Asia (5 million) and the Middle East and North Africa (4 million).

The report doesn't stop there. It also mentions that at the $3.65 threshold, the global poverty rate has crept up by 0.1 percentage points, putting an extra burden on 28 million more people. When we look at the $6.85 level, the situation worsens further, with a 0.2 percentage point increase, which means 44 million more people are now facing poverty.

I tried to dig up more recent statistics on global poverty for 2023, but unfortunately, I came up empty-handed.

To combat poverty effectively in the coming years, we really need to grasp the current state of poverty worldwide and how it's evolving. Organizations like World Vision are doing their part by providing vital assistance to children and families living in poverty across the globe. But we all have a role to play in eradicating world poverty.

Let's take action together. You can make a significant impact by donating to organizations fighting hunger and poverty, cutting down on food waste, and supporting local farmers and businesses that prioritize sustainable agricultural practices. Our collective effort can change lives and bring us closer to a world without poverty.

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