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the tiny spark of radiance

An unparalleled paradise effected in timeless impulse of conception. Executed through indelible natural order; balanced and dependable. In its pure majestic, self-denying, never motionless manifestation

Persuaded the most benevolent of forces for us to come together

Ageless, superior omnipresence in its infinite wisdom the wholeness. As we all experience, the total life of all we'll ever be and have known. Brought about the perfect natural order convinced the loyal from every corner .

To embrace divine union.

The above thought may appear incomplete. However, this is only the spark of something that happen millions of years ago; of something that must be shared with the world as the sweetest nectar and most precious of melodies humanity has ever known - for within the pages of this event is the greatest story of love, the evidence of the power within.

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